January Draw: 1st No 56 – £90.00 Trevor Rawlins, 2nd No 97 – £60.00 Cheryl Loeber and 3rd No 27 – £30.00 Lesley Hind. You must be in it to win it – Join today – ask at Reception for an application form.
500 Club

500 Club

The DCA 500 Club is a monthly lottery: you pay for a £5 stake each month.  You’re assigned a unique number for your stake.  If that number comes up – you’ve won!  There will be 3 prizes drawn each month, the 1st prize is £625 when there are 500 tickets sold.  You will ALWAYS be playing for 50% of the total we collect.

As you can see from the table below the more numbers sold, the more prize money there is to win.

No. Members 1st 2nd 3rd Solar Panel Fund
100 £125 £83 £42 £250
200 £250 £167 £83 £500
300 £375 £250 £125 £750
400 £500 £333 £167 £1,000
500 £625 £417 £208 £1,250

The remaining income will be used to fund the cost of solar panels.  This investment should generate over £3,000 each year from reduced electricity bills and the payment we receive for generating electricity.  It also supports our commitment to investing in green initiatives.

How to join

It couldn’t be easier.  Just complete the simple application form and return it to us.  You can apply for up to 10 shares/numbers.  Remember, one share/number is £60 per year payable by cheque or standing order of £5 per month.  If you come to the centre with your completed form, you can also pay the annual amount by debit/credit card or cash.

As soon as your membership details have been processed, we’ll confirm your draw number(s) to you and they will go straight into the next draw.

The application form and standing order mandate are available here 500 Club Application


You can download a copy of the rules here 500 Club Rules

DCA 500 Club Rules

  1. The DCA 500 Club is a small society lottery administered by the Danbury Community Association (Trust) Ltd (the DCA), Sports & Social Centre, Dawson Field, Main Road, Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 4NQ.
  2. The purpose of the DCA 500 Club is to raise funds to support the DCA and in particular to provide funds:
  • To finance the cost of installing solar panels on the roof of the DCA
  • To provide finance for future projects as determined by the DCA Board of Directors.
  1. The DCA 500 Club is open to anyone over the age of 18 (proof of age may be demanded). A purchaser of a share becomes a member in the DCA 500 Club. Members are entitled to hold a maximum of 10 shares. Staff and Directors of the DCA are permitted to purchase shares in the club.
  2. Each share shall be allocated a unique draw number. A single draw ticket will be issued for each share purchased showing the unique draw number allocated. The number of draw numbers is not limited to 500.
  3. Members may leave the DCA 500 Club at any time giving notice of one calendar month but no subscription monies will be returned and the Member’s Draw number(s) will continue to be drawn until the subscription expires. Any decision by the DCA to end the lottery will be by one month’s notice to all members.
  4. DCA 500 Club shares have no redeemable value on cancellation.
  5. All subscriptions to the DCA 500 Club will be at the rate of £60 (sixty pounds) per annum payable by cheque debit/credit card or £5 monthly in advance payable by standing order on 1st of each month.
  6. 50% of monthly income will be paid to Members in 3 prizes calculated using the ratio 3:2:1 and rounded up to the nearest £. The total monthly prizes will be set on a pro-rata basis of the actual income received that month at the time of each draw.
  7. The remaining income will be paid to the DCA to fund the cost of the solar panels project.
  8. A draw will be made on the 2nd Monday of each calendar month and the date and time of the draw will be displayed on the DCA website www.danbur ysportscentre.co.uk. All DCA 500 Club members are entitled to attend the draw, which will be held in the presence of at least 2 members of the DCA and either the Manager or a Director of the DCA. Prize winning numbers will be drawn at random using a computer random number generating application. In a monthly draw, only one prize will be awarded to any unique draw number.
  9. Winners will be notified by e-mail and announced on the DCA website. Prizes will be paid by cheque sent within 5 days of the draw by first class post to the last known address held by the DCA 500 Club. Any prize cheque not cashed within 6 months will be deemed a donation to the DCA.
  10. No DCA 500 Club member will be included in the draw if the monthly subscription has not been received. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure they have paid their subscription.
  11. Administration of the DCA 500 Club will be controlled by the DCA. The Rules of the DCA 500 Club may be amended by the DCA Board of Directors at any time and any such changes will be published on the DCA website.
  12. The decision of the DCA Board of Directors shall be final and binding on all matters relating to the operation of the DCA 500 Club.
  13. DCA 500 Club accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer and be examined annually with the DCA formal accounts.
  14. In joining the DCA 500 Club all Members agree to abide by these rules.
  15. The DCA is registered with Chelmsford City Council to run a Small Societies Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 section 44, Registration No 0018.

Your Questions Answered

What is the DCA 500 Club?

This is a private lottery organized by the Trustees of Danbury Community Association (Trust) Ltd.

Why should I join?

It pays out cash prizes every month – 50% of all monies collected go into the prize fund.

It is a great way to raise funds for the Sports & Social Centre in their quest to install solar panels on the roof.  This will reduce our electricity bills and help to look after the environment.

What are the prizes?

The prizes are worked out once the monthly income has been collected.  Half of this amount is available for 3 prizes in the ratio 3:2:1.

Assuming there are 500 participants the prizes will be 1st Prize £625, 2nd Prize £417, 3rd Prize £209

How does it work?

You buy a number which is exclusive to you.  All the numbers are ‘put in a hat’ and every month the prize draw takes place to randomly select the 3 winners.

How much does it cost?

Each number costs £60 per year.  This can be paid in advance or by standing order of £5 per month in advance.

Who can join? 

The DCA 500 Club is open to anyone over the age of 18. Members can hold up to 10 numbers.

 How do I join & pay?

Simply complete the Application Form available from the Centre or download and send it to us with your cheque or completed Standing Order mandate.  Forms are available here 500 Club Application

 Can I witness the prize draw?

Yes. The prize draws will be made at the Sports & Social Centre.  The DCA web site will confirm draw dates.

How do I know if I have won?

Winners will be notified by email and announced on the DCA web site.  Prizes will be paid by cheque and sent to the last address you have given us.

How can I cancel my DCA 500 Club membership?

Members may leave the DCA 500 Club at any time giving one month’s notice, but no subscription monies will be returned and the Member’s Draw number(s) will continue to be drawn until the subscription expires.

Recent Winners

Monthly Draw Results

January 2020

1st No – 56  – £90.00 – Trevor Rawlins

2nd No – 97 – £60.00 – Cheryl Loeber

3rd No – 27 – £30.00 – Lesley Hind

December 2019

1st No – 10  – £88.75 – June Laushway

2nd No – 57 – £59.17 – Trevor Rawlins

3rd No – 34 – £29.59 – Robin McGuinness

November 2019

1st No – 19  – £88.75 – Judy Kennedy

2nd No – 83 – £59.17 – Gillian Boyd

3rd No – 11 – £29.59 – Steve Lyons

October 2019

1st No – 76  – £85.00 – Mark Tydeman

2nd No – 73 – £56.67 – Eric Ridley

3rd No – 25 – £28.34 – Caroline Wa

September 2019

1st No – 17  – £81.25 – Joseph James

2nd No – 74 – £54.17 – Eric Ridley

3rd No – 29 – £27.09 – Barry Goodwin

August 2019

1st No – 27  – £86.25 – Lesley Hind

2nd No – 46- £57.50 – June Shorey

3rd No – 26 – £28.75 – Caroline Wardle

July 2019

1st No – 2  – £87.50 – Jane Hussick

2nd No – 72- £58.34 – Eric Ridley

3rd No – 66 – £29.17 – Paul Churchouse

June 2019

1st No – 74  – £87.50 – Eric Ridley

2nd No – 86- £58.34 – Eamonn Hall

3rd No – 15 – £29.17 – Jen Thomas

May 2019

1st No – 99  – £87.50 – Claire Talbot

2nd No – 83- £58.34 – Gillian Boyd

3rd No – 48 – £29.17 – Rob Ewer

April 2019

1st No – 88  – £87.50 – Paula Isaccs

2nd No – 81- £58.34 – Debbie McGuinness

3rd No – 16 – £29.17 – Joseph James

March 2019

1st No – 96  – £87.50 – Claire Talbot

2nd No – 76- £58.34 – Eric Ridley

3rd No – 87 – £29.17 – Trevor Rawlins

February 2019

1st No – 96  – £87.50 – Pauline Connor

2nd No – 76- £58.34 – Mark Tydeman

3rd No – 87 – £29.17 – Jackie Rush

January 2019

1st No – 6  – £87.50 – Philip Trew

2nd No – 47- £58.34 – Helen Ewer

3rd No – 83 – £29.17 – Gillian Boyd

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