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We have a wide range of energetic and relaxing classes for people of all ages and abilities. Call us today to on 01245 224515 to arrange a visit.


The following classes are available:


  • Body Blitz+
    Combines high and low impact moves, toning and stretching. These classes are attended by people of all shapes and sizes and everyone enjoys themselves.  
  • Body Conditioning+
    A whole-body workout that can help you tone, strengthen and re-shape from top to toe. It’s an ultra-effective combination of exercises and routines and as you’ll be doing it as part of a lively group, motivation and inspiration will come.  
  • Body Toning+
    Low impact conditioning/toning class, giving you a full body workout. Suitable for all ages & abilities.  
  • Cardio Circuits & Core
    To be added  
  • Clubbercise+
    To be added  
  • Indoor Cycling+
    Saddle up for an exciting and fun way to pedal your way to cardiovascular fitness. There are no complicated moves to learn, just fantastic music to pedal in time to, and a great inspiring group atmosphere.You can burn over 600 calories in just one class!  
  • Powerhour+
    The challenge is that – in 1 hour- you will attempt to use every cardio & weight training machine in the gym – plus other exercises.  
  • Trim n Tone+
    You will exercise every major muscle in your body – including those ‘hard to get at areas’. Combine that with gentle aerobics to raise your heart rate and easy stretches to improve the movement in your joints. 

Body & Mind

  • Pilates+
    This is one of the world’s most popular exercise classes. It gives strength without bulk, stretches your muscles, improves your posture, and can help ease lower back pain. It restores the balance of your whole body, leaving you feeling healthier and more relaxed. No more hunched back and tight shoulders.  
  • Yoga+
    This is a mixed ability Yoga class for beginners and advanced beginners. This Hatha yoga class can move between stillness for quieter more reflective times to a more dynamic style that offers movement and flow. Whatever the style, emphasis is on the breath creating movement in the joints and more freedom in the muscles.


  • Ballroom & Latin Dance
    To be added 
  • Exercise & Dance+
    This is a low impact class, which focuses on balance, agility, co-ordination, rhythmic ability, plus improves stamina, strength and suppleness. Young or young at heart, male or female, this is an excellent way to have safe fun, effective exercise and make new friends. 
  • Strictly Solo
    To be added 
  • Zumba
    Zumba is a dance class that works nearly every muscle in the body! You will be pre-taught simple and easy to pick up dance routines to a variety of international music including Latin, Spanish, Caribbean, Indian and Turkish songs, then the music goes on and the fun really starts.

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