Our Gym is OPEN and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back. You can find more information on our plans to open other activities below………

Our programme of classes

Please check the start date of the class you want to attend – you can print the schedule HERE

Here are the Guidelines we have introduced to keep everyone safe:

Maximum number of participants will be 25 including Instructor(s) – each class will have its own maximum attendees

All participants must join the Centre and use their membership card to record their arrival and departure to support NHS Test & Trace

All classes must be pre-booked and payment taken in advance 

Arriving at the Centre
Use the Reception entrance maintaining social distancing both inside and outside.

On entering the Centre checkin with your membership card and use the hand sanitiser 

Use the stairs to the Sports Hall.  Priority on the stairs will be to anyone going down the stairs to the Sports Hall 

Select a spot on the floor for your exercise area which may include a mat (place your own mat on top if you have brought this with you) 

Collect and clean any equipment needed for your exercise using the wipes or spray and blue paper towels 

At the end of class
Cleanse the equipment that you have used

Move the equipment as directed by the Instructor

Turn the mat through 90 degrees if you have used it.  Clean the mat with wipes or spray provided  

Exiting the Centre
It is necessary to have a different exit to the incoming class:

First, those staying for coffee will leave via the Fire Exit advised by the Instructor and make their way to the Dawson Suite using the Fire Exit

Those not staying for coffee must checkout using the reader at the kitchen hatch and leave by the Fire Exit as instrcted

When ready to leave the Centre all members must checkout using the reader at Reception. 

Contact Danbury Sports Centre

+44 (0) 1245 224515

Dawson Field, Main Road, Danbury, Chelmsford, CM3 4NQ